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News - 2020

Publication: László Mezőfi's paper has been published in the journal PeerJ with the title: "Beyond polyphagy and opportunism: natural prey of hunting spiders in the canopy of apple trees". Our study demonstrated how specific generalist predators can differ from each other in aspects of their predation ecology even within a relatively narrow taxonomic group. June 2020.

Publication: Dan Chamberlain's paper has been published in Global Ecology and Biogeography with the title: "Wealth, water and wildlife: Landscape aridity intensifies the urban luxury effect". Here we showed a positive association between biodiversity and socioeconomic status in urban areas. This luxury effect is more expressed in arid areas. June 2020.

Publication: Péter's mini review has been published in Biologia Futura with the title: "Landscape perspectives on farmland biodiversity conservation". Here, we discuss the importance of landscape heterogeneity considering the interplay of farmland biodiversity and ecosystem service conservation. June 2020.

Publication: Audrey Alignier and Péter's paper became the editor's choice in Journal of Applied Ecology. A short overview of our results is included in the accompanying blog post. April 2020.

Publication: Audrey Alignier and Péter's paper has been published in Journal of Applied Ecology with the title: "Configurational crop heterogeneity increases within-field plant diversity". Our study shows that increasing configurational crop heterogeneity, i.e. in landscapes where fields are smaller, is beneficial to within-field plant diversity. March 2020.

New group member: We would welcome Csaba Koszta as technical staff to our group. Happy sciencing! February 2020.

Carnival: Many of of our group have participated in the carnival of the Centre for Ecological Research in Tihany at Lake Balaton, where all colleagues from the four institutes meet, dress up, dance and spend a nice night together. February 2020.

Guest scientist: We welcome Tibor Hartel, guest scientist, a collaborating colleague of many of us, from Hungarian Department of Biology and Ecology, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj (Kolozsvár), Romania. Tibi spent a day with his family in our institute, and gave a seminar presentation. February 2020.

Seminar presentation: Péter gave a seminar talk about urbanization at the Institute of Zoology of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. February 2020.

Event: Brigi, Edina, Riho, Péter and our guest, Costanza, visited the European Water Polo Championship in Budapest and cheered for Italy and Hungary. January 2020.

Guest scientist: We welcome Costanza Geppert, guest scientist, Péter's former student and collaborating colleague, a PhD student from DAFNAE, University of Padova, Italy. Costanza spent one week in our institute and gave a seminar presentation. January 2020.

Course: Péter gave a 3-day course on systematic reviews and meta-analyses to our group members and a few collaborating colleagues. January 2020.

Publication: Robi and Péter published an article in the journal Community Ecology with the title "Trait-based paradise - about the importance of real functionality". In our forum paper we briefly overview the origins of trait-based approach, challenges of trait classifications, and we provide an example of a commonly used trait, body size. January 2020.

Publication: Riho's paper has been published in Scientific Reports with the title: "Desert crossing strategies of migrant songbirds vary between and within species". We showed how variable are desert crossing strategies between and within migratory songbird species. January 2020.